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Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing,
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Assisted Living: 757-282-2384

The Auxiliary

of Beth Sholom Village

Over 40 years of philanthropy is only the beginning

Woman using sensory board

A resident uses a sensory puzzle to help with cognitive impairment

Man using motorized wheelchair

A resident uses a motorized wheelchair provided by the Auxiliary

For over 40 years, the Beth Sholom Village Auxiliary members have played an essential role in fulfilling the Hebrew word Mitzvah, which means Good Deeds—not positive thoughts or wishes, but conscious acts of empathy and kindness and Honoring our Mothers and Fathers.


With the creation of Beth Sholom Home in Virginia Beach in 1980, the Jewish elderly of Southeast Virginia finally had a place that understood and respected their Jewish values.


Today, those values are still honored and adhered to as The Auxiliary continues to play an essential role in the welfare of Beth Sholom Village and its residents. The Auxiliary purchases much-needed items for residents who may not afford them on their own such as electric wheelchairs to sensory puzzles for residents with cognitive impairment. We have purchased buses used for doctor’s appointments and outside activities. In addition, we have contributed to the remodeling of Beth Sholom Village by donating money to redoing the plaza where residents congregate and also donated funds to build the sanctuary in the late 1980s. In 2004 the Auxiliary donated $100,00 to renovate the Auxiliary Religious Cultural Center.


The Auxiliary has been able to do these things through our Membership Dues, Sales from our wonderful Gift Shop, Auxiliary Tribute Cards, and our Annual Phantom Donor. All of these enterprises raise the over $18,000 the Auxiliary gives to benefit our residents each year at Beth Sholom Village.


Additionally, the Auxiliary made a $300,000 Pledge to the Honor Campaign, which was instrumental in the remodeling of Beth Sholom village. Since its inception, The Auxiliary has given over $1.26 million. These donations are made possible because of our Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund has grown over time by our members who chose to become Life Members.

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Gift shop

The Gift Shop at Beth Sholom Village

Bus donated by Auxiliary

Our transportation bus, donated by the Auxiliary

Join The Auxiliary

We invite you to join the over 600 members of the Auxiliary of Beth Sholom Village to help us continue the important work we do to make every day more enjoyable for the Residents that call Beth Sholom, “home.”

Annual Membership is $36 a year. You can also elect to become a Life Member for $150 in lieu of paying annually.

In memory of Rose Frances Glasser, we have created “Rose Frances’s Life Members Gems.” Rose Frances Glasser was a founding leader and member of the Auxiliary of Beth Sholom Home of Eastern Virginia (now known as the Auxiliary of Beth Sholom Village) and worked diligently to build our Membership and Life Membership. If you choose to be a Life Member, you can elect to upgrade your Membership to be a Diamond, Ruby, or Emerald Life Member in honor of Rose Frances and be one of her “Gems.”

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